Quick check point

All right. Who went to Hamburg to win, and who didn’t?

First of all. What the heck is wrong with Gasquet? He has a horrible record so far this year and has no good results to show. Losing easily to Seppi is not a good prep for Roland Garros. I watched Tipsy-Blake and was not impressed with Blake’s game, though Tipsy played great at times. It’s clear to me that the faster the surface, the more Blake you will see.

Let’s sum up the remaining 16. Who are looking goooood?
Federer: beat the c.. out of Nieminen
Soderling: same thing with Tsonga
Verdasco: lost two games against serve-volley Llodra
SAFIN!!!: third round sounds like a big career victory these days
Karlovic: saved MP against Robredo and gives himself a go against Djokovic.

Who are looking less than average?
Nadal!!! Spent too much time trying to figure out a way to beat Starace… but if we know him well this was just a reaction to last tournament. He’s not used to NOT play this time of year!


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