Hamburg – outlook

I don’t really feel like making any predictions or guessings on who will win, let alone advance from the early rounds. My predictions suck. Or more specifically, they tend to be an extreme opposite. Last week I couldn’t see who would beat Federer before a semi against Djoko. This week, same shit, new wrapping.

Federer has Tsonga as first meeting with a seeded player, Ferrer is a potential QF opponent. Can Ferrer beat Federer? Sure.. why NOT?! Going down, there are three names that stand out in bold text, Davydenko, Monaco and Gasquet. Maybe clay lover Monaco can take out Davydenko and meet Federer in a SF.

Further down, there is more action, with Blake, Tipsarevic, Robredo, Karlovic, Chela and Djokovic to name a few. Chela-Djokovic could be a good match depending on Chela’s clay form. Ususally Chela is a top 10 clay player, maybe even top 5? However, no proof of this so far this season.

In the bottom quarter we have Berdych-Safin, Rohus, Moya and Nadal. It will be interesting to see what Moya can do, as well as the winner of what might be a good match between Berdych and Safin. Nadal-Safin would be a real nice match if Safin is able to play his best again. So who will win?

Federer has the best draw of the top 3. Making the final, AT LEAST, is a must. This time Djokovic got on Nadal’s half. It’s been almost a year since they last met on clay. We have seen that Nadal, except for Rome, has dominated clay even more this year. Plays better than ever. So does Djokovic! A perfect semifinal-matchup in other words. And the winner will maybe lose to Federer in the final?

We’ll see. BTW… in a matter of hours there will be a good match between Davydenko and former top 10 Ljubicic. Ljubicic has won the last three meetings between the two, going in at 3-2. However it is Davydenko who is 1-0 on clay, with a straight sets win in 2004. I have a feeling this might happen again.


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