Worst Masters SFs ever

I cannot remember being more dissapointed about two promising semifinals in a masters tournament. While everybody else wants to watch Fed-Djoko, Fed-Nadal over and over again, this was the one tournament where that was not the case. Roddick’s back has been in the spotlight before and now he has pulled out from Hamburg as well. Excellent opportunity to get closer to Ferrer and Davydenko and maybe get an advantage for the two upcoming slams with regard to the draw, is GONE. Instead he will have to defend the Queen’s club title and try to get past that tough first round in Paris.

On the other side. If you remember as far back as US OPen 2007, Stepanek and Djokovic have us the match of the tournament. 5 close hard fought sets, from an in-form Stepanek and a Djokovic who just had broken that top 3 with victories over all of the top 3 players in Montreal. Well, there wasn’t too much that reminded me of that match. 6-0, 1-0ret is the score and Stepanek had problems with the wrist? and the heat?. Wow, what an anti-climax this was. The only thing now is if Wawrinka has something to give against Djokovic. Wawrinka has beaten some good players but not close to the level of Djokovic. I think he’s happy with being a top 10 player regardless of the result.


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