Arrivederci Nadal!

Nadal just lost on clay. That’s a sentence I’ve never written, or said. Well, except for last year in Hamburg. Nadal is in fact POSSIBLE to beat on the red stuff. Juan Carlos Ferrero just proved it. And there stops the credit giving. Nadal looked more and more immobile as the match progressed and seemed to be out of his place. Being down 1-4 in the second set, we saw why. A blistered, bloody foot was not very supporting when moving the 180 pounds of muscle tissue. BUT HEY! this has to happen sometime! 103-2 on clay is not a bad record!

But some critisizm is still just around the corner… WHY, why and why did he play Barcelona?! I understand that a home tournament is important and that it is very special to him. He himself complained that this clays season is shorter and more intense than ever, so why sacrifice health to lose early in Rome? That foot did not look like a 1-day working accident. When you do back-to-back finals on clay, and you have footwork like… well, yourself (Nadal), then take a frickin’ time out!

Now look what you’ve done! Federer will be in that final. He will give up much more than health and blood to get this title and start stripping Nadal off his clay titles, one by one. Who can stop him now? Djokovic? Quite possible, but still no. Davydenko in a final? You have go to be kidding!

But last minute credit goes to Ferrero. Former champ here and former world #1 did play well this first set, and won a fair battle. I can surely understand why he thanked God for this victory. Anyway…. show must go on and there are some players who will really hunt the final spot on the bottom half, now that Rafa is packing his German backpack.



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