Nadal d. Federer 7-5, 7-5

“Move over pal, I’m the best on clay!”

Don’t you just love this rivalry?! Federer seems to understand every time he meets Nadal, when he finally thinks he has some answers, BANG… straight sets loss. And even if I thought, during the match, that Federer should kick himself in the a.. for losing the curcial breaks of serve, I really mean that it’s Nadal who should get the credit. Probably will be the best ever on clay when we write the history books a decade from now. How can we say it this early? Just look at the freakin’ stats!! Of the last 100 matches he’s lost like 1 match on clay. That’s sick in today’s pro tour tennis. And it’s not the fact that he had the good ability to play on clay, but his mental strength is phenomenal. Have you ever seen Nadal NOT being concentrated when playing?! I haven’t.

This was just the first stop on the clay tour. There are at least two or three more to go where these two kids can meet in a final. I think even with Federer having won only once! against Nadal on clay, his chances are relatively good at RG this year. Just wait and see. We saw “patches” of the genius today, perhaps we will see more like games, sets and matches of genius as time progresses this spring…


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One Response to “Nadal d. Federer 7-5, 7-5”

  1. ichi Says:

    Nadal is pehenomenol, Federer needs to change his strategy when facing Nadal on clay, Nadal was born on clay and it shows how comfortable he his on clay. Federer must not be complacent with his style of play, he must adapt to younger players like Jokovic and also Nadal. I don’t know how he’s (Federer) going to do it but he must do something penomenol to beat Nadal at RG

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