Federer is on the road again

There’s no question that losing a set to little Rochus was no good. Rochus is a tough opponent, but should be taken in 2 quick and painless sets. I thought 08 will be Fed’s RG year. I don’t really see it happening if he plays even matches with people outside top 50 (?)

I am aware that Fed has given Higueras a shot to be his clay coach or whatever, but he should spend this time on Estoril dirt to figure out tactics and specific areas where he must improve to be the best on clay this year. It seems that the real test will, in fact, be the final. Davydenko seems to fear no one these days and if he has taken down Roddick and Nadal in Miami he can certainly give Fed a headache on clay. That final might be an interesting encounter and a good indication on how Fed and Niko will perform in Paris.

BTW. Ryan Harrison 15-years of age has won an ATP match!!! Should not be allowed! No just kidding, but that is a flying start to a potentially good tennis career! Didn’t we say that about Gasquet back in 02 as well?!


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