Davydenko is Miami Champ

How many guessed this outcome?! This guy has NOT played great this tournament, all in all. When you struggle to beat very low ranked players in the first three rounds and having to save match point on the way, it just doesn’t help that you are able to play like a Federer in the last three. Though I would prefer that over anything else. He got the title, didn’t he?

In the start of the match, it looked like it would be Nadal who would control the match and break Davydenko time after time. Nadal was up 2-0, but Davydenko started to attack a far-from-perfect service game play by Rafa. Managed to break back and at 3-all I believe, Davydenko started to play like he did much of the match against Roddick. Vicious forehands from any angle, deep backhands, taking the ball as early evert time he was allowed by the nasty spin, it all just worked very good.

Nadal was far from his best performance, but he seemed more shaken and stirred than out of shape. He was having a bad day at the office because of Davydenko, not just because he woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He play great, no? You bet!

Now this sport finally got a interesting start to the season and the clay season. Nadal and Federer still with no titles this year. Djokovic is closing the gap, if not only by points, but rather by winning slams and important events. Dayvdenko winnin a masters while the other three failed is a another element of suprise that might backfire into clay. Roddick has made a statement by playing some good tennis AFTER Aussie Open. He has announced that he’s gonna skip Beijing to focus his attention on winning the US Open. That might be a wise decision.  And there are other players further down who have shown some of what we could except from them in the future, do I need to mention #3 on the race Tsonga?

Anyway.. Davis Cup week is up and the players have an ATP break. I’m really curious to see if Nadal will play the tie against Germany. And of course, the big match should be USA-France, where several close matches are excpected. ENJOY!


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