Nadal – Davydenko final!

Nadal and Davydenko both won 7-6, 6-2 and advanced to the semifinal of Sony Ericsson Open. Why they did is still a mystery. I think Berdych and Roddick both had a better position to beat their opponent. Berdych had played great all week and his game favors him over Nadal on faster hard courts. He was not able to continue his great play and both serving and baseline rallies became a problem as the match progressed.

Same story on Roddick. Started out OK, serving perfect service games but after the tie-break and into the second set, Roddick did not do anything on the baseline and serving was probably the worst so far this week. He simply looked very, very tired. Too much partying last night with swimsuit models? I don’t know, but Davydenko should get 90% of the credit. He served like never before and completely dominated baseline rallies. It was a very, very big difference between the two and Roddick was pretty much trying to hold on his own serve as the only weapon. Did not work.

The final should be a tiresome baseline match. The two will probably need some patience, but if Davydenko can hit the balls like he did in the SF, he will and should win. But stepping up the court against Nadal is sometimes impossible, so this should be tougher for him. I say Nadal wins in 2 and looks down to the rest of the hard court lovers and laughs out loud as he reclaims his authority on his worst surface. Don’t tell me Nadal doesn’t have potential to be #1. He just proved it this week.


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One Response to “Nadal – Davydenko final!”

  1. Kenny Says:

    They advanced to the final, not semifinal.

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