Roddick completes his mission impossible


I used to think that no one beats Roddick 10 times in a row (US open 07 prediction). The answer was that no one beats him 12 times in a row. It really doesn’t matter for him if it was 50-1 og 100-1 before this match. The goal was to get a win against the one and only Federer, and here we are.

Scoreline was 7-6, 4-6, 6-3. There are several ways to describe the match, but the one word that should be used is SERVE. Both players served HUGE pretty much every single service game. First set, Roddick held easily almost all games, Federer was taken to deuce a couple of times, but pretty much dominated the important rallies in his own service games. The tie-break is probably what made the difference at last. Federer missing that first point with an unforced, only to follow a couple more to take Roddick into a 4-1 lead was key. From that point on Roddick could afford to lose a couple of points on own serve (which he did); but with the serves Roddick produced yesterday it was never an issue. Apart from Federer’s 3 (I think) unforced in the breaker, Roddick should get half the credit for being able to break Federer’s serve with two nice second serve returns. In other words, more reason to cheer for Roddick. You don’t wanna win solely on opponents mistakes.

Second set looked a little scary for the American. He started to struggle holding AS EASILY, but managed until the 8th game of the set where Federer got a couple of break points and Roddick approached the net with a poor approach shot. LUCKILY, he did not do that too many times this time, which might be another reason why he won this match.

Third set was a copy of first, but both players holding their serve very fast and effective. In my opinion Federer looked at his very strongest during his 3 service games during third set, but did not make the vital first serves he needed on 3-4, and Roddick was allowed to hit balls from the baseline. Normally this would mean points to Federer, but he placed one wide, one long, one in the net. These were what decided the outcome. Roddick serving for the match means only one thing and that was it.

But what I didn’t like about the match was the way they played their baseline rallies. Federer had like 5 or 6 great shots only he can make, Roddick a few nice ones as well. But for the most part, it was BIG SERVE, followed by a good second touch. I was thinking that Roddick will have to find the Dubai game to beat Federer. I don’t think he did. Roddick was hitting flat, deep and nasty shots against Nadal and Djokovic. Yesterday was old Roddick but with more intelligence. No more silly approaches on important points (except for set point). No more hopeless running around 5 feet behind the baseline trying to defend the Federer rocket shots.

If you didn’t get to see it, I would not recommend to watch it. Well, maybe if you want to study serving. Or just fast forward to those few spectacular shots. But the end is probably going to be historic. There aren’t too many players who have met 17 times and the h2h is so one-sided. The relief on Roddick’s face says it all. In fact, it was kinda funny that he looked as if he was praying to god that he’d get that last serve in on 40-0 and 3 match points. PLEASE! just this once!!

I also want to give credit to him for his honesty. There aren’t too many who admit that they are brats and cocky. I think I’ve heard him say this a few times. Last night he did it again. Roddick served a big serve down the T that was called out. A fast challenge proved that it hit inside on the T. Problem was that Federer got his racket on it and Roddick was given 1st serve instead of game. I totally agree that Federer, who hit it on the frame and far out, would not be able to return it. Roddick, all fired up asked the umpire why Federer gets away with the calls in these situations and he never gets. This part I don’t agree, but I loved his comment that elaborated the point; “I know he’s nicer and all, but…”

NOW, Davydenko is up. Roddick leads 5-0, but Davydenko has perhaps never looked better. He took down Tipsarevic brutally 6-2, 6-1. Wow.

First up though, Berdych-Nadal. This has the potential of being the match of the tournament.  Both players have played better than expected and both of them REALLY REALLY want this win.

I think the Sunday final will be a serving show between Roddick and Berdych. Or a baseline inferno with Davydenko and Nadal. I really don’t know.


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