Roddick 2 – Djokovic 0


How about that!?

In my opinion this was the greatest achivement by any player so far this year. WHAT?! Did I forget Nole’s straight set win over Federer? Nope.

The thing is, one has to look at how well players play over a longer period of time. Yes, Federer was his usual self during those first matches in AO, but the first threat was Djokovic. Roddick has had to content with GS champ Ferrero, PH Mathieu, Nadal and Djokovic. What’s more important is not being broken once, winning all sets and beating number 2 and 3 back to back in two days.

It doens’t measure up with Nalby and Nole’s 1-2-3 runs last year, but for Roddick this is a huge boost. Only thing that would set him back is losing tomorrow against Lopez, who clearly is in a “once in a lifetime opportunity” situation. Did not realize Lopez is a year older than Roddick.

But what I saw in today’s match was some brilliant tennis. And certainly 80% of it goes to both player’s serving performance. Stunning from Djokovic throughout 1st set, hitting more aces than Roddick winning virtually all 1st serve points. Roddick…. well you know the story, 145mph serves are not easy to return, period!

They pretty much built their game from their serves all of 1st set and in the tie-break, Roddick was slightly more engaged in the situation and won it fair. HOWEVER! I must give enormous props and sportmanship of the year to Djokovic. At 5-4 on Roddick’s serve, Roddick hit a huge serve that was called let. Djokovic (and Andy I assume) both saw that the ball did not touch it. Hard to see from a bird’s eye view (me). Umpire Murier could not overrule that decision and gave Roddick set point. Don’t think all players would have that kind of gesture at 5-4 in a tie-break! Roddick also very fair and, I think that their shake/hug at the end shows what kind of sincere players they both are.

Second set was a break hunt for Roddick, when he himself was holding easily. Break came and serving for the match was synonumous with victory.

What surprised me, was one thing. Roddick was not allowed (or did not manage) to play AS agressive from the baseline today as he did against Nadal. Djokovic hits less spin and that might be all there is to it, but some of the balls Roddick could of hit flat and hard, turned into loops. Some were probably a miss or not very clean, but even more agressive forehand attacks would do him good. Djokovic was in some rallies dominant from the baseline, but once Roddick got some of them with pace and depth, he was very defensive.

I’ve seen Djokovic play better (especially in set 2) but he did not look to bad, and I think it was his best match so far this tournament. Any way you put it, a good warm-up for him when heading for California where he needs to defend a title and a cr…load of points.

Haven’t seen a minute of Lopez, so I cannot approach tomorrow’s final, but there is a favorite and an underdog. You be the judge. 


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One Response to “Roddick 2 – Djokovic 0”

  1. backhand Says:

    Turns out I was very wrong… Lopez actually had this “chance” in 2004 when he was runner-up. But number 41 doesn’t tell me he’s the favorite.

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