Roddick and Djokovic powering through…

…and will meet for their second match. Roddick will most likely meet more opposition tomorrow, although tonight his performance must be one of his very best.

I don’t want to brag, but I’ve written about people like Youzhny and Soderling, who hit a lot of flat and deep shots, as the biggest Nadal-threats. Deep and flat shots (with pace) is what you see Nadal struggles with the most. When you are on a fast hard court, that’s the way to go. In Indian Wells, Roddick kept hitting all his groundstrokes around the service line, and Nadal got in and angled the shots with his enourmous forehand and precise backhand. Today Roddick went for his shots and for the first time in a while, I see Roddick hitting flat and deep several times in a row. Just don’t get why he doesn’t do it more often and against Federer as well.

Roddick-Djokovic will be a nice one but I think it’s all up to Roddick. If he plays like today I cannot see why you should rule him out. I am sure 17 aces against Nadal should be 17 aces against Djokovic as well, maybe more. Djokovic, on the other hand, beat Andreev quite easily and must be filled with eager and motivation to be the only remaining top 3 player left. Big chance for him to take two of Federer’s titles before IW and Miami.

Davydenko-Lopez could go either way, but I haven’t seen Lopez play, so I don’t know how to rate his chances, but beating Ferrer doesn’t sound easy whether you’re Spanish, Japanese or Russian. Davydenko…. well he won against Murray. Murray was nowhere near the 1st round performance. Great chance for both for an important final, so this should be just as fun.


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