Murray d. Federer! 6-7, 6-3, 6-4


Surprised are you? Well, I’m not gonna lie and say that it wasn’t a surprise win, but if you think about it, and put yourself in Murray’s shoes for a moment, you would be fairly pissed if you lost against a guy who hasn’t played a single tournament since the SF of Aussie Open. Federer has no match practise and that might have been the decisive factor. Murray on the other hand, has worked his a-s-s off and won two titles in two months. You would be dissapointed to lose this match with that kind of record.

On the other hand Federer is always better than his opponent, except for the times he loses. Brilliant conclusion, right? This time, he played a good match, not the best I’ve seen, but good enough to win the entire tournament. First set was his to lose, hit some errors and let Murray take over the tie-break only to come back and take it after being down 2-5.

Second set started out with Federer winning his serve more easily and Murray struggling more and more. Murray got a break in a game he didn’t play better than he had done that far and was able to serve well and take the set. Third set Murray started dominating some of the rallies at 1 games all and soon found himself a break up, but this time with Federer struggling to hit winners and to keep errors away. It was like their roles swapped; Murray appearing as the more confident and stable player, and Federer being the underdog who took the first set. That was harsh, but that’s what I thought during that last set.

Conclusion is that Federer played probably as good as he could after 1 month + rest, and Murray was able to hold serve and annoy Federer enough to break him twice and take the match. Some bloggers and media sites are already calling this an upset. It was not! Murray was the best player of the two and had Federer played at least one tournament in February, well that might have been enough to get that competition feel into his system. I just cannot believe that “resting” for a month will do anyone any good in a very physically and mentally demanding sport like tennis.

Murray gets an A, Federer gets a C for not doing his homework, but an B+ for his game.


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3 Responses to “Murray d. Federer! 6-7, 6-3, 6-4”

  1. essar Says:

    with so many young talented new players in the circuit, it is quite unlikely that roger federer could win another title in the future. he was one of the best players tennis has ever seen but his best days unfortunately ,are over.

  2. Essar-eat-your-words Says:

    >> best days unfortunately are over

    Guess with the US Open win by Federer on 2008-09-08 over Andy Murray, Essar can eat his words 🙂 I only wish that Federer could have played Nadal, however win or lose people will always have excuses… like Mono, played too many matches, finals are played right after a semi-final, etc…

    You have to be lucky to be good, vice versa. Federer can have an ego at times but for the most part, he is a great tennis ambassador. Nadal should be equal to that challenge in the years to come. And we need Williams sisters and the like to continue this great sport.

  3. Car Says:

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    Wasn’t what I was looking for, but good website. Thanks….

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