Wow! What a tournament!

Dubai will most likely be the most interesting and entertaining tournament in March. More so than Indian Wells and Miami. In these two you have 96 player of all types playing, but in Dubai… the people there have attracted almost all top 32 players to play there. The seeds are all within top 10 and the draw speaks for itself.

Federer will get the real test already in the first round where he will play an unseeded Andy Murray. He is in the same quarter as Davydenko with threats like Wawrinka and Schuettler (if he is a threat).

The next quarter includes Ferrer and Berdych, but Haas and Tipsarevic can also make the QF. A whole lotta Russia and eastern Europe in the third quarter with Djokovic, Cilic, Youzhny with friends and the French guys Gasquet and Santoro.

Last quater is interesting. Kohlschreiber can pose a threat to Nadal I think, but if he gets pass QF is a breeze. On the other side Nadal will have to face Roddick in a QF, if he gets there. Ferrero and Mathieu might stop him.

Conclusion is that it is impossible to conclude. Federer-Nadal might still be the most probable but Djokovic might take out Nadal (or Roddick). Youzhny has a final to defend so don’t count him out completely. I think even Cilic might get a suprise win over Djokovic in the first round if something isn’t optimal in with the Serb.

Can’t wait!


One Response to “Wow! What a tournament!”

  1. Åsmund Says:

    I wonder how the match Federer-Murray will turn out. Federer has a point to prove, and Murray has played well this year. Federer needs a couple of good matches before IW/Miami. If Federer fails to win either of the upcoming three events, I think speculation of his future will continue.

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