Competition is fierce!!

Man it’s hard to be a pro tour player!!

It has only been roughly two weeks since Nishikori made some headlines by taking his first ATP title being ranked in the 200s. Yet another surprise showed up today… he is from the great Ukraine?! and called Sergiy Stakhovsky (hope I don’t have to write that one more time) and is 209 on the frikin’ ranking!

Actually, for the big brains of tennis, this guy has marked his name down on a few drawboards before. In Moscow in 2006 he actually beat Tursunov in 3 sets. He has been a loyal challanger player and will most likely start to hit hisway up to the top 100s. I haven’t seen him play but he must be good; he has beaten Karlovic, Tipsarevic and Bolelli on his way. Not bad at all. Tomorrow either Ljubicic or Ancic stands in his way.

This shows how hard it has to be to get up there with Federer and co. I think once you are there as an established ATP level player, you sort of play yourself some confidence. But the road up…. BRUTAL!


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