Davis Cup – only 8 teams left

And I believe we have the 8 best teams in the QFs.

Djokovic made sure that Russia got through. He actually showed up for the 4th rubber but after being 2 sets up and a break in the third, Djokovic started to wear out. Unfortunate for a 20-year old to have problems like this, but it seems that his health was shaky.

Sweden made the only big story. Turned 1-2 from yesterday into 3-2 and a Argentina clash in the quarters. Germany also got through with ease and will have to face a weakened Spain. It doesn’t seem like Nadal will sacrifice his clay season with a tough tie in April against the Germans. But who knows?

The tie of the Cup will be France-USA. Tsonga-Gasquet/Blake-Roddick. From Wikipedia.org it says that the tie will be played in the US. That should be plenty of motivation for the defending champs.

Anyway… we are getting closer to the important February tournaments like Rotterdam and Dubai. However, this week there are three warm-ups. Marseille, Costa do Sauipe, and Delray Beach. Djokovic is top seed in Marseille. I could not be more positive that he will pull out of this one. He obviously needs a lot of resting time.


One Response to “Davis Cup – only 8 teams left”

  1. Tim Says:

    Yup! And the Americans look strong. Home court is usually a win no matter who the opponents are.

    I would like to see how Tsonga will handle Roddick and Blake. They have different styles compared to Nadal, Youzhny, Gasquet and the other guys Tsonga played with in Australia.

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