Davis Cup Saturday

Serbia’s luck had to change at some point. I was sure that we would see a troubled Russia at home against the new GS champ Djokovic and the close-to-killing-Federer Tipsy. Djoko and Tipsy are out and Russia sails to 2-0. What a relief for DC public to see that they took the doubles today. I don’t know exactly what the plan is for the 4th rubber, but Djokovic is nowhere to be found. He should have played Davydenko to get it tied at 2-all. But if Davydenko plays Zimonjic… well 3-1 and bye bye Serbia

The Czechs sailed past Belgium and should be a threat to Russia/Serbia in QF. Stepanek and Berdych are always dangerous.

I haven’t seen any surprises yet. That bothers me! If it can be called a surprise, Sweden is truggling big time in Israel. You would think that Sweden has a better doubles team, but Aspelin/Lindstedt lost in straight sets against some inspired Israelis. I honestly thought Sela was the only major threat in this tie. Sela can tie the knot and take Israel to the QF if he passes the Johansson test tomorrow.

The only other “surprise” is actually the US-Austria tie. Isn’t anyone a tad suprised about the Americans taking it at 3-0? Slow, nasty (as described) clay court. Americans… ching ching!!! safe bet on the opponent!! Roddick did a great job yesterday and took his match in 5 sets. He actually won a 5-setter on clay, against Melzer who is not a joker on clay. Maybe he can smell a 2nd round in RG? If that wasn’t big enough, Blake won his in 4 after being down 1 set and like two breaks in the second! McEnroe must be proud of his little boys, but France waits in the QF and that’s a slightly different situation. Tsonga + Gasquet = help me!!


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