Davis Cup not on TV

At least not available for most viewers. I don’t understand why the broadcasters have to make the viewers angry all day long. All (or most of ) the ties are televised, but not really available to anyone. A lot of networks have started with online stream where you pay a buck or two and watch live.

First of all, why do Americans have to wait until 6pm to see US-Austria play? It’s a better time of day to attract audience, sure, but DC champs 2007 cannot be sent LIVE as well?! Can’t belive it. Now there are a lot of p2p and other types of streams that aren’t through the approval of the broadcaster, but in many cases you won’t be able to watch unless you live in one of the participating countries. Grand Slam can be seen almost everywhere, DC almost nowhere. WHY?

I really want to watch Russia-Serbia, and I see that several countries are sending this live. Problem is, I don’t live in Phillipines, India, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Serbia, Great Britain, Portugal, Singapore, USA or Russia. Wow, even the US is sending this live, but the def champs… nope.

oh well, we’ll just have to live with the fact that networks can purchase and control this and annoy millions of tennis fans. Even so, I don’t get why not more countries and their respective networks provide internet coverage, regardless of cost for viewer.


One Response to “Davis Cup not on TV”

  1. valeriamontoyaaidz Says:

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