Vina del Mar & Davis Cup

I was supposed to write about the much anticipated final in Vina del Mar between Gonzalez and Monaco. But something that you don’t see too often happened yesterday. Monaco had to retire after his semifinal win due to injury and left Gonzo standing as champ on a W/O. How much satisfaction can you get from gettin an ATP title through a text message or through an announcement over a speaker or something. (I don’t really know how Gonzo got the message)

Anyway, this was the only tournament this week and this next week is dedicated to Davis Cup. Now here we will have some interesting matches.

Serbia will face Russia in Moscow. Russia is still top seed, but taking AO into consideration, I think it’s safe to say Serbia could win this without it being a BIG upset. Djokovic, Tipsarevic and Troicki seem to have performed over expectation in Australia and are probably riding on a confidence wave. Watch out Russia!

Great Britain will face Argentina on clay in Buenos Aires. Argentina 5-0, enough said

Then there’s Sweden-Israel on hard courts in Israel. This could get interesting as Israel has the best doubles team and Dudi Sela, who is not a clown. I think Israel can win this 3-2 at home.

Most tennis fans are probably considering USA-Austria to be a safe bet on the def champs. I AM NOT SO SURE. Austria has made a very good move of taking the event inside on what I only assume is the slowest clay court ever. We know that the Americans often struggle on this red dust. Who will bite it? Koubek, Eschauer, Melzer are all top 100 and they have doubles player Knowle on #7. This could get ugly if Roddick and Blake don’t handle the clay.

If the Americans win this, the road to another title is very long. France is a QF potential, and Spain or Germany might be waiting in the SF (IF they get there)

Oh well, Russia-Serbia is still the tie to watch.


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