WOW! has written about the “three-way race” for the #1 spot. The facts here are one big WOW after another. Except for Hewitt at #1 spot, Djokovic would have had the number one spot with the 5165 points he has today. (Ranking points since the 2000 update). Nadal would be a sure thing without Federer who closes up on a career high of 6000 points!! Poor bastard!

Anyway, this sort of elaborates of a couple of points I was TRYING to make in the post below.


One Response to “WOW!”

  1. Ollie Says:

    People are going nuts because Nadal and Nole are so close. But if you think about March 07, we know that Federer will most likely widen the gap once again in March 08.

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