Grand Slam final preview

Who will it be? Who will win the first slam final that doesn’t include Federer or Nadal since Aussie Open 2005 when Safin beat Hewitt. That’s 3 YEARS of Federer/Nadal slam dominance.

I really cannot tell who has the best game right now of the two remaining players. Tsonga has played superbly and beaten several big named players. Djokovic has gone through 6 matches without too much court time, but with so and so play. Even if we aren’t impressed with every shot Djokovic makes, he has been consistent enough to get straight set wins 6 times in a row.

Now in term of their game and style, Tsonga seems to be favored in a long match. Seems more fit, more agile (if that’s possible for a big guy like him) and slightly more poisonous at the net. The key for him will be to continue with consistent powerful groundstrokes and top notch serving. I am almost certian that if he can play on the same level as with Youzhny and Nadal one more time, he will get his GS trophy and steal Novak’s second chance at getting it. So I believe it’s all up to Tsonga.

Prediction: Tsonga in 4 


One Response to “Grand Slam final preview”

  1. Ollie Says:

    I was positive that FEderer would take the match against Djokovic even at 0-2, 6-6 in third.
    I was also quite sure that Federer would find a way to beat Tsonga, even if he played with Gods hands.
    Now, I don’t know anymore. Djokovic could take it in three, Tsonga as well. Or better yet, we could get a 5 set thriller with great rallies. GO ALI!

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