Federer OUT!

And I’m not sad. Closing the gap between the top players isn’t the worst thing that can happen to this sport.

Wilander interviewed Novak right after his victory saying that the two best players of the tournament are in the final. Cannot be more right. Djokovic has sailed “quietly” through rounds 1 through 5 with no big news or too much attention. Everybody was sort of expecting a Fed-Novak SF regardless of how they were to play throught the first 5 matches. Well… the matches I’ve seen from Roger have been quite poor actually. Most of them have been those wins that he gets when he doesn’t play his best game. He played well against Santoro and Hartfield, but then after Tipsarevic, things were not the same. It was like he gained respect for the other players or something. I’m not saying a 3 set win over Berdych is poor, but he made similar errors like today. Human errors that is. Blake can hit those forehands as hard as he wants, but Federer can outsmart him time after time, even when he’s playing average. Against Novak, as proved, it did not work. Though it did work for almost the first set.

Federer had 5-4 serving for the first set, but only after having played several errors and not with too much magic off his forehand. Througout the entire match, I was wondering where Federer’s serve was at. He used to demolish top players with his serve in the second week of a slam. Well it had to end sometime and why not Down Under. I think his main concentration should now be winning that frickin’ Roland Garros. That might be enough to call it a successful year. That and keeping the #1 spot. And Wimbledon. And US Open. And Gold in Beijing. But hey, it’s Federer… don’t worry.

update: What I am trying to say is in this entry at tennis.com which I think is spot on.


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