You cannot be serious!!


I think I just got a new favorite player! This is greater than Nalbandian defeating 1,2,3 twice in three weeks! Unseeded Tsonga with not a lot to show from last year, even though it was by far his best, just demolished Nadal 2, 3 and 2. That just doesn’t happen!

I hope you guys can help me understand what happened in the first two sets. I only got to watch the last one and by that time I saw a Nadal who, had not given up, but wasn’t too far from it either. Actually in the last few games I saw, for the first time ever, a Nadal who had a “I just cannot win this match”-kinda look.

From what I’ve seen of Tsonga this far, I can say that he has one of the biggest tennis brains on the tour. I have not once (maybe once) been able to say, “why the hell did you just do that” or “what were you thinking”?  He seems to understand the game brilliantly and beat Nadal exactly on his not so obvious weakness. Baseline play on hard court with balls running deep and with pace. That’s what I thought Youzhny would do to beat him one more time, and that’s what I feared Tsonga would not be able to do against the best baseliner. Not only did he do that, but he was able to mix it up, he knew exactly when to rip and kill, timed the wrongfootings perfectly, net play was still brilliant and serve was pretty much the reason he holds with such ease.

Like I’ve said, I see a Sampras-Safin-Baghdatis-Agassi combo in him. Baggy being the neutral baseliner who’s able to hit many smart and accurate groundstrokes. (or at least used to)

One more reason why this is a “YEEEESSS Finally!!”-moment is because we have a guy, who I hope will stay in the top, who plays serve-volley, is able to drop shot, seems to know how to adapt his game when he meets different opponents and best of all…. movement on the frickin’ court is probably what describes the 2000s. That’s why I think the 90s generation would have a brutally hard time to play with today’s pace. I mean, if I said Tsonga will outrun Nadal, would you believe me? Well I think he just did!

NOW IT GETS INTERESTING! Can Tsonga keep this up against the greatest of all time?! I would be dissapointed if Djoko decides “this is the time top stop Federer’s GS final streak”. I did not believe Tsonga would beat Nadal this easily and would love to see what damage he can cause to a Federer who might get a challenge tomorrow. It’s thursday night in Australia now.., Federer will play into friday night. Final is on Sunday night…. Tsonga getting more rest and Federer might be in for a 5 set match?!? He better beat Djokovic quick and painful!

Well if you didn’t catch the news through this annoying entry… Jo-Wilfried Tsonga just spanked Nadal 6-2, 6-3, 6-2, and will play in Sunday’s Grand Slam final. His best result in a slam is 4th round Wimbledon 2007.

Don’t need coffee when there’s tennis!


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2 Responses to “You cannot be serious!!”

  1. cms Says:

    You cannot be serious is exactly right! I set my alarm to watch the first set, but then I couldn’t stop watching. Amazing, amazing tennis was coming out of this guy. From the first point, Tsonga played aggressively at the net. I think that may have thrown Nadal off at first. Then he just kept hitting winner after winner after winner. It was unbelievable. ESPN2 is replaying this afternoon, I believe — definitely worth seeing the whole thing!

  2. backhand Says:

    Yeah, problem is I live in Europe. Have to rely on Eurosport. Last year they sent a lot of replay. This year the damn snooker masters was more important in the evening. But I’ve experienced ESPN before and it’s not that great either.

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