Last 4 = Year end top 4?

Could it be? The only real question mark is Tsonga… If he is able to play like this the entire season, he will be up there with Djokovic. That’s another kid who is mui impressivo. He’s till 20, and has 3 grand slam SF and a final to defend after tomorrow (assuming he loses to Fed)

Serbia is really the country to watch, both in Davis Cup and Fed Cup. If they can continue to grow players like those today, it won’t be long until we face a Serbian DC and Fed Cup champ. Chance is that we can have 3 of 8 player are Serbs and fighting for a GS final spot. In fact, if they all win, there can be 3 serbian players in two GS finals! Amazing stuff…

Ivanovic and Jankovic are just as impressive as Djokovic and will probably stay on top in tennis for many years to come. That’s really something, coming from a country that spent most of the early 90s being in a war zone. In Contrast to for example Great Britain who struggles to find the GS winners and spends probably 10 times as much on tennis than Serbia, it’s really an accomplishment to manage to find these talents and give them this opportunity.

Tomorrow the first finalist will be decided. Now this one will be interesting. Can Tsonga do the same to Nadal as he did to Gasquet and Youzhny? We know that Nadal, regardless of opponent, will sacrifice everything for that final spot. Will Tsonga be as motivated and determined to win the match? He will have to play his absolute best, one more time, and maybe even a little extra to turn out the Nadal flame. Like I wrote yesterday, Tsonga’s game is probably one that Nadal prefers over the defensive baselining play. He will hit many sucessfull passing shots and Tsonga will have to be perfect on serve and volley. Baseline play…. well Nadal seems to be favored even if Tsonga moves surprisingly well. It will be an entertaining match, I REALLY HOPE. Worst case scenario is that Tsonga loses in three short sets and leaves with no regret or dissapointment. I mean, how can he?


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