Call me crazy, but….

…if Tsonga wins the whole thing, I believe he can crack top 10 already on Monday!

He will then get 1789 points which on today’s ranking means #10. BUT! Gonzo will fall out of the top 10, as he wasn’t able to defend enough points. Actually we might see him outside top 20. These are unofficial calculations though!

1789 would actually bring him out in front of Nalbandian who remains 10th and in front of Blake who seems to be getting the ninth. So if Tsonga is ahead, Blake will be 10th and Nalbandian 11th. In addition, Youzhny will join the top 10 and be right behind Gasquet.

Roddick will lose many points and he will have to work hard to enter the top 5 as the gap will be 500+ points to Ferrer. This sort of marks a clear gap between top 5 and 5-10.

Another crazy thought… if Nadal wins and Federer is stopped in the SF, the gap between Fed and Rafa will be of exactly 100 points!!  If Djokovic wins the whole thing, he will pass 5000 points! Not impressed? He had 1675 a year ago!!

Of course with a Fed-Nadal final, the changes are less remarkable. Lets hope that doesn’t happen!


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