QF are ready to roll

… and I think the last 8 players are 8 best right now.

No big surprises in today’s 4th round. Djokovic beat a willing, but tired Hewitt. Ferrer beat his friend Ferrero as expected. Federer did not need 5 sets to send big serving Berdych home.

Tomorrow’s matches are the bottom two. First up in the mid-day heat, Nadal will have to overcome Nieminen. I think it’s comparable to Federer-Berdych. Nadal will take it in three but with some problems on the road. It seems like Nadal has been able to play better for every match and should be headed for his first hard court SF.

Now Youzhny vs Tsonga is a different story. Youzhny seems to handle defensive players quite well, but I don’t know if Tsonga will allow Youzhny to hit his backhand to often. Some people think Tsonga will get an easier match this time, compared to Gasquet. I think it depends on how well Tsonga is able to serve. If he can serve and be effective on the net, like against Murray, then he will be in a good position to take it. If Tsonga plays well enough in his own serve, he should be in a good, confident position to hunt for a break of serve. I would have liked to see these two in separate matches because I want them both to win. But as Youzhny has tried longer and is somewhat older I will probably want to see him in a potential SF against Nadal.  He also stands a better chance against Nadal than what Tsonga does. But that’s far in the future and just silly predictions.


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