“New” names emerge.

I try to be as neutral as possible. But I’m not! Why would I want to see Davydenko in a QF or SF, when I can get Youzhny up there? Even with Youzhny having the potential to beat most players on the tour, there was probably not much doubt that Davydenko would take the match. With some struggle, with some sweat and maybe even tears…

Instead, Youzhny played like a champ and took the match in 3 straight forward sets, playing better and better for each one.

Another one of my favorites is mr. Tsonga. I remember wanting to see him beat Gasquet at Wimbledon. Gasquet took that one. So who should naturally take this one? YUP, Tsonga! 6-2, 6-7, 7-6, 6-3

Awesome display (reliable sources say) about this late bloomer. Now it’s going to be a late bloomer show as he will take on Youzhny in the QF. What is a little fun, is that if Nadal advances, I really think any of these two can beat Nadal in the SF. We know Youzhny could, and Tsonga’s play is quite well suited for a Nadal semi final.

As I really did excpect, Kohlscheiber ran out of fuel and was nowhere near the play he showed against Roddick. Serve was back to normal or even worse. Still became a close battle as Nieminen isn’t the most reliable player either. Best man won either way and will wait for Mathieu or Nadal in the QF.

Speaking of which… Does the horrible record against Nadal mean anything to him? I have seen some of his time on court here and he seems to be playing his best tennis. Last meeting went to 3 sets on the hard courts in Canada. This could easily go to 5 sets if Mathieu is his regular self, but I won’t rule him out just yet. If Gilles Simon can make Nadal sweat and almost take a set, the more talented and experienced Mahtieu will dig deeper.


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