Now THAT is Tennis, round 2!


I can only imagine how close Federer fans were to strokes and dehydration from excessive sweating today. Not a lot of people were excpecting Tipsarevic to take any set off Federer. I enjoyed every rally, every point, every Tipsy winner, everything about it really. I am not a Federer hater, nor a fan, but there was something telling me that, “how great would it be to have Federer, Nadal, Roddick, Djokovic taken out in the third or 4th round and let give other players a break?” At 2-1 Tipsarevic I actually thought it would happen. Federer seems to handle pressure, but throughout the match as he saw that Tipsy would not give him an easy match, Federer was frustrated enough to make too many errors. That’s how Canas beat him, Volandri to some extent + Nadal several times.

But finally, some competition! Aussie Open 08 would have gone into the history books as one of the most boring and predictable without these thriller third round 5 setters. This actually makes it more probable that we will see some more. Hewitt and Baggy are hitting central court right now, and that too has 5 tight sets written all over it.

Anyway. So far Federer seems still to be heading for his 3rd cons. aussie title. I cannot see Berdych doing the same damage to Federer. Two resting days should be plenty for Rogerer. I think Andy fans are happy for the Roger-win as well. I could easily imagine Roddick killing himself if Federer was defeated today! Oh well, something tells me Nadal is inspired as this point. YES, YES, YES, NOW THAT GOOD OLD GRAND SLAM FUN STARTS!


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2 Responses to “Now THAT is Tennis, round 2!”

  1. cms Says:

    I am a Fed fan and had to let Tivo take over after he lost the first set. I went to sleep and when I woke up, I check the headlines just to see if he’d won, but without the details. I thought I’d be able to watch the match in a relaxed way, but it was so stressful, I thought perhaps I’d read the headlines wrong and went to check on the actual score. Unbelievable. Then Hewitt and Baggy go to 5! So, that’s Baggy & Safin, Roddick, Blake, Fed, and Baggy & Hewitt all to five sets in the first week! Really amazing.

    Assuming Fed makes it through the next match, I’m worried about his matchup with Djokovic. Djoko supposedly gave Tipsy some advice, and he’s been breezing through all his matches. It will be a very tough match, to say the least.

    And if I have to hear one more time how Fed may lose his #1 to Nadal on ESPN I’ll scream!

  2. backhand Says:

    They only say that to spice things up. Attract more viewers or whatever. I’d like to doubt Djokovic, but he does look strong. Hewitt match should be a tough one, but I was not impressed with Hewitt’s play yesterday. Just cannot understand how he was able to dominate 2002, when he doesn’t seem to close up on top 10 at all.

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