Now THAT is Tennis!!!


This is the man of the day. Herr Kohlschreiber hit a stunning 104 winners to take out the first top contender. Or is he a conteder? Well, based on the fact that Kohlschreiber is NOT known for having a powerful and strong serve, he served better than Roddick for at least 3,5 sets. He got 30 something aces exactly when he needed and gave Roddick a hopeless deal. Must mention his strength, which is the inch perfect backhand. You want it down the line? Let’s hit it on the frickin’ line! You want it cross court? Done!

I usually love to critisize when a good player plays bad. I still want to give Roddick a kick for losing the first set, but after that everything goes to Kohl….  (too long name)


Anyway you want to see it, it was a quality match. Much more so than the big one last night where Safin and Baggy went to bed around 3 a.m. Roddick had 79 winners and 20 something errors which also is unusally good for him. Except for calling the umpire an idiot, I was sort of whishing he would get it, because I was positive the Kohl… play could not go like that for ever. And by Kohl..’s play I mean his serve. But I was wrong, and I bet a lot of people after they saw 2-2 on the scoreboard, were all wrong. And the Kohl… bragging won’t stop here. His returns where ALMOST on Federer level. At 9-9 in the third set tie-break Kohlschreiber threw his racket at a over 200km/h serve and took the 2-1 deserved lead. That was just the one extreme example, but with the exception of 5th set, where both players served to an A+, Kohlschreiber had good contact with the Roddick service games all along.


But FINALLY a real match! I was worried we would go two weeks with only average quality and entertainment. I want to see who can beat this match in terms of Winners to unforced ration and aces. Watch out for Kohlschreiber in 2008!! Will he ride the momentum and see himself inside the top 10 before 2009?!


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4 Responses to “Now THAT is Tennis!!!”

  1. cms Says:

    Amazing match. I only saw the last set because I woke up and was surprised to see it still playing. Very tough loss for Andy, but I kept thinking — mix it up! Do something different! Maybe I missed it, but he didn’t seem to mix things up for Kohl much at all. Still, great match points saved to even it at 5 games. That was digging deep. Too bad it wasn’t enough.

  2. backhand Says:

    I agree, his style is a little weird these days. I read on his official site, his brother writing after the Berrer match that he wanted Andy to be more on the offense. I can’t really picture Connors telling him to slow down!
    The only thing he accomplished is to hit few errors in the matches he has played and perhaps being a little more “intelligent” on the approach shots. BUT STILL, worst AO performance for Andy!

  3. Tim Says:

    Strike! That was it for Andy. I can’t see him returning to the GS finals anymore. This was his chance, and he had plenty of opportunities, but has to go home because of Kohlshcreinber. He is 27th by the way.

    But if we can “excuse” Andy, I did think that the surface was far slower than I initially thought. It said in an article that it would be faster and the ball would bounce lower. From what I’ve seen I think it is marginally slower.

  4. MOnny Says:

    jeez! Andy will win Indian Wells and Miami. Canas will take care of Federer. And Davis Cup title will be defended, even though it’s like 11 months away,

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