Day 3

Someone likes it, someone don’t. Bottom half has been cut to last 32. Story is that the top players are cruising with good speed, while the more close matches turn out to be dissapointingly one sided. Like that good old Fish. You would think he would get a tough opponent in Robredo, but not one sign of recent play favored the higher ranked Tommy. Fish destroyed the poor Spaniard 6-1, 6-2, 6-3. I think he will set up another Roddick clash and probably going in stronger this time. Perhaps Fish will be the big suprise this year. Roddick played an ok match but with good looking figures. Berrer made 3 times more unforced and that sums up the match. Davydenko seems to look stronger than ever. He used to struggle in early rounds and play well against good players. The marathon-robot from Russia has become a consistent top player and is heading for a, what I hope will be, a Russian clash with Youzhny.

But all eyes are on one man. Or two actually. Federer and Santoro. They will hit Rod Laver in the mid-Day sun. Will Santoro give Federer any trouble? I think Santoro seems a lot more fit compared to other players his age. Don’t know which of the two will appreciate/hate the opressing sun but something tells me Santoro will break Federer’s serve a few times. Question is probably more important how well Federer will play. If he plays error free and winnerful then forget it old man. Come on Santoro! Give Federer a sum runnin!

I underestimated Tipsarevic. He impressed us all with the victory over Gonzo in Wimby, but hasn’t shown his face much after that. If he beats Verdasco in straight sets, Federer should at least worry a little bit.

Another interesting one will be Grosjean-Haase. Will Haase survive? Will Grosjean?! I think Haase might be the favorite in this one, the way he’s been playing.

And of course… THE MATCH. Baghdatis vs. Safin. This is open, open, open… Safin hasn’t looked this good in quite some time, Baghdatis ditto. An element of concern is always his awkward ability to get cramps. A lot of people question his fitness, but this is also a genetic character. I know it! If fitness will be the decider, Safin will win it. Just remember Baghdatis made the final of Kooyong, Safin came in third.


2 Responses to “Day 3”

  1. cms Says:

    It sounded like this is the first day of tennis in the sun for Roger at the AO. Even in practice, he apparently didn’t get out there until 6pm. Still, he also said that he completely over the food poisoning. Hope that’s true!

  2. Ollie Says:

    Who the heck predicted Federer-Santoro to be close? You know what class is? Federer is full of it.
    Baghdatis-Safin was the match of inconsistency and unpredictability. Not always fun to watch.

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