Day 2

No big headlines, no big news. Djokovic was once again “persuaded” into doing his Sharapova impersonation, so it was like old news today. That does not mean there were boring matches.

First of all, Federer showed that he did not need any Kooyong or other play prep before AO. Won his match against Hartfield with two big bagels. I did not get to watch it, but I suspect Santoro was just to good and was able to return Isner’s canon balls with ease. Did not think he would lose and not get his chance to take on Federer in a GS. Now that will be a fun match even though we all know the result.

Further down, I was sure that Sirianni, the new name in Australia after a good performance in Sydney, would give Tipsarevic a good battle. And so he did, but I thought he would be the winner. 7-5, 6-2, 6-7, 0-6, 6-0 tells me zit on how the match was. From receiving a bagel to give a bagel and take the match, Tipsarevic cannot say he was in control. Probably the most awkward match of round 1.

James Blake showed some skills and beat Massu in straight sets. He can make a good run and QF or even SF to face Federer once again. People stress that Ljubicic was the big favorite against Haase before the match started, but there was no doubt who deserved to advance. Ljubicic lost the 3rd set 6-0! Arguably one of the best servers on the tour loses 6-0 in a GS 1 round! That just shouldn’t happen. Haase was better and he can make a good run and put Holland on the tennis map.

Hewitt should be mentioned as well. He came out and terrorized poor Steve Darcis and gave him a couple of bagels as well. If he can continue this type of dominance it looks quite good.

One this I did not notice when studying the draw was poor Baghdatis. What the hell did he do to deserve this draw?! First round 2002 champion Johansson (a match he won relatively comfortably), second round 2005 champ and finalist Safin, home favorite Hewitt in 3rd round, Djokovic in 4th round, Ferrer in QF, Federer in SF… I will stop there due to failure of realism.

A few matches to watch tomorrow are Fish-Robredo, Mahut-Davydenko, Gasquet-Lopez, Sela-Karlovic.. and of course many more.


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