AO Predictions Last 16

Federer – Berdych
Blake – Gonzalez
Djokovic – Baghdatis
Ferrero – Ferrer
Gasquet – Murray
Youzhny – Davydenko
Roddick – Fish
Moya – Nadal

Federer – Gonzalez
Djokovic – Ferrer
Murray – Youzhny
Roddick – Nadal

Federer – Djokovic
Roddick – Youzhny

Federer – Roddick

Guess who wins!

What say you?


4 Responses to “AO Predictions Last 16”

  1. Tim Says:

    Roddick will not pass QF and Youzhny will not get past Davydenko.

  2. cms Says:

    I suspect Murray messed up a lot of predictions.

  3. backhand Says:

    Well, I would just replace Murray with Tsonga. He should sail into R16. Moya’s place is more open.

  4. Ollie Says:

    Nalbandian looks way too good. I think this will be the slam where he steals Federer’s 11th consecutive slam final.

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