Luck has changed for Federer and Nadal. This time Nadal seems to have gotten the better draw for the first week. No great challenge in the first three, with Moya a possible opponent in the 4th. Roddick must be happy with staying on the right half (far from Federer) for the first time since USO 2006. Nadal Roddick might be the SF in the bottom.

Murray is probably not quite as happy. Tsonga in the first gives him a tough challenge, but that he should overcome. Gasquet might be a 4th round opponent and Youzhny or Davydenko i the QF.

Not only does Federer have to get past Santoro in the 2nd, but needs to see how well Sirianni is able to play, IF he gets that far. He looked good now pre-AO. Most likely Berdych will be 4th round opponent. Then follows a new possible clash with Blake int he QF. Cuccione is continuing to impress and could be the player to watch throughout the two weeks. He will have to beat Gonzalez, which is not impossible. Then in the center, the most likely QF will be Djoko-Nalbandian (if he plays).

Confused? Take a looky at the Aussie Open site


3 Responses to “Draw”

  1. backhand Says:

    Sorry, Nadal-Roddick might be the QF, not SF.

  2. Jurgen Says:

    I have a Nadal Roddick QF in tennis channel’s Racquet Bracket. Nadal all the way!

  3. Younes Says:

    I don’t think Federer’s draw is any harder than it has been in the last grand slam events. But I do think that Nadal has a good clear road to the last 8. A repeat of Moya-Nadal in R16 would be great.
    I think Blake got a fair draw. If he can beat Ljubicic and a unconsistent Gonzalez, he can get to the semifinal against Federer.

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