Eventful 24 hrs

First. Not only is Federer in trouble (if he still is). Nalbandian has really screwed up his momentum, IF he pulls out of AO. While practising at the Kooyong exhibition tournament he got some problems with his back. Unable to hit the court a short weekend before the slam, does not look good. This resulted in Gonzo getting a w.o. in a match where the only incentive is to play, not neccessarily win. Don’t know if he is still in the tournament, but yesterday 3 matches where completed and they all had an element of suprprise.

Baggy scored big time by taking down Russian #1 Davydenko. 2-1 but still, Baggy hasn’t performed in a long time, and this is a good win. I predicted we would see tie-break(s) in the the Roddick-Ljubicic match…. once again predicting skills are rock bottom. Roddick took it quick and painful 6-3, 6-0.  And perhaps the biggest surprise, Murray lost to Safin. Like i wrote yesterday, Safin hasn’t won two matches in a row since July. Beating Murray in straight sets, regardless of how jet lagged or tired Murray felt, is a great boost for him. I don’t think Murray and Ljubicic can blame it all on the trip and resulting jet lag from Doha. It’s been two whole days and plenty of rest. Anyway… today’s matches are Murray-Ljubicic, Safin-Roddick, Davydenko-Klein?. Who the hell is Klein? Where is Baggy and Gonzo? I don’t know what’s going on down there.

As if Kooyong wasn’t filled with confusion and surprises, Mr Hewitt is probably not the best pick for the Aussie Open title. His big Aussie friend Guccione (WC) took him down in two breakers in Sydney. Top seed and AO hope Gasquet was also eliminated by Tursunov. If there is one guy who has played very well in the last 4 months or so, it must be Santoro. Has beaten Roddick, Blake, Djokovic + Karlovic on grass back at Wimbledon. I actually think he can take the title. Beating Korolev then Tursunov… not impossible.

On the other side, Berdych and Stepanek are most likely to fill the SF spots. In Auckland, I think the four seeded players are all heading towards the title, with Ferrer as a slight favorite.



One Response to “Eventful 24 hrs”

  1. Tim Says:

    Federer in on the court preparing for a possible match at Kooyong. I think he has recovered now

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