3 more days..

…and the poor bastards are back in action. I don’t know how new year’s eve is for the guys playing the first three tournaments, but it would be weird seeing grownups going to bed 10 min past midnight. This year they start Dec 31 and there will be players, probably the unseeded, who will play on Dec 31st AND Jan 1. I think the season should start in the 1st whole week of Jan, both for the players’ sake and for the public.

Anyhow, there’s been some news (not news anymore) about Australian Open. First of all, they will play on the new Plexicushion, replacing the old Rebound Ace. I don’t know how much the viewers will enjoy this change. I’ve always liked AO surface becuase it was one of the slower hard courts, which could bring some nice and long rallies in hard fought battles. But it seems that they’ve favored the “marginally” faster Plexicushion which is thinner and therefore retains less heat. This means that they might avoid some of the extreme heat problems they suffered last year when players had to retire.

It seems awful how a place like the coast of Australia, which is cooler than New York, even in the middle of the summer, seems to generate so much heat on the court. Heat is a problem almost every year when the players head to north America, but they rarely experience so much problems with excessive heat on court.

But whatEVER.. lets hope they get a NORMAL Aussie summer with temps around 80 (26).

Second “news” is a record. Only problem is, it would have been a record if…. Starace and Bracciali wouldn’t have bet on matches and been suspended, Hrbaty would not be injured, Johansson would get an immune system, Canas would not be injured… and I think the list goes on.  What I’m talking about? It was announced a while ago that for the first time, all of top 100 would play the Aussie Open. Cannot believe this was announced so early, when there is ALWAYS one player who pulls out even a day or two before it starts. Didn’t understand why it made the headlines.

Third, Isner (you know, the extremely tall dude who made the finals at Legg Mason) supposedly said that he will play Aussie Open doubles with Karlovic!! I certainly hope the Rochus brothers plan to do the same and it has to be a record cumulated height difference. Something like 15ft against 10ft. Would be fun to watch.


One Response to “3 more days..”

  1. Graham Says:

    Tennis is not the only sport where the athletes have to sacrifice the new year’s celebration. Winter sports, hockey, PL football..etc

    But I agree. Starting the season 2nd week of Jan would probably be appreciated by a lot of players. However, players can skip play the first two weeks. It’s not mandatory.

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