Movement – footwork and speed

We are not in the greatest shots category anymore, but footwork and movement on the court is sometimes more important than knowing how to hit the fuzzy creature. Some players base their tactics around their footwork and use that as a weapon.

Tennis.comhave presented a long list of players and have once again picked Federer for the player in history with the best movement on court. I agree 100%.

He has such a natural movement on court, it seems he was born to move on a tennis court. Perhaps you would argue that there are a lot of players who work harder with their two sticks, and that might be true. The fact is that Federer is one of the few I know of, off all time, who can move with a perfectly balanced speed and agility ratios. He doesn’t seem to be the one who makes the small footwork adjustments prior to hitting the ball, but he is a genius in timing the shot and using his talent to be there with the pefect balanced body, at the right time. And by that I mean that YES, he does make small steps to find the perfect position, but he makes it with great effciency and he doesn’t need to bring the pulse to 500 like for example Roddick and Hewitt.  Efficiency is the key word in my opinion.

Jimmy Connors was given the final pick for footwork and Venus Williams for speed. I don’t know if I agree with Williams, as she too often runs out of fuel footwork-wise. But Jimbo definitely deserves his spot. His movement on court reminded of a “suicide-runner”. He made every rally seem like it was match point for his opponent. He gave 110% at 5-0, and just about the same at 0-5 down.

I certainly want to mention Nadal. Like Federer, he was also born to be tennis “mover”. He would have been more stunned when seeing him running around, if Federer wasn’t around taking the spot light. And SOME of today’s best are Djokovic, Hewitt!!, Nalbandian. 

One last thing about efficiency. All of these players are great footworkers, right? ALL of them except one, sweat quite a lot. WHO IS IT?

Mr. Federer. Have you ever seen him struggling with the sweat? Best movement on court = no sweat??!?! Last time I’m saying it, but Federer is not from planet EARTH!!!


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