The lob has now left the net play and gotten to the lob. Probably THE SHOT you just cannot teach. You have to have the talent, the feel, the silk smooth touch, the precision of nuclear physics, and of course sometimes just a little luck. 

Like I’ve said before, I cannot go to deep in tennis history, but if we are talking about the same shot, there must be some kind of mistake. First of all, most players of the 70s would win lob duels with today’s players. Only a few are mentioned. Ken Rosewall got the top spot, and that might be fair, but does Lleyton Hewitt really have that great lob? I would once again pick Federer instead. Federer is not even mentioned in “contemporary picks”, but somehow Nadal gets a spot!

Don’t really understand how Nadal has a better lob than Federer. Chang might have had the feel but, Connors? He lobbed quite a lot in his career, but I didn’t see him making all of them. And where the hell is Nastase? Arguably the best feel and touch in history. Some of his lobs and drop shots where of ET quality.

Well if people don’t agree, I still would pick him as the greatest clown/entertainer. Here are some of his funny moments


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