2007 review, 2008 preview


That’s the question. 06 and 07 came out almost the same for Federer and Nadal.  Federer lost a few more matches and Nadal had some major ups but some big downs as well. For me, the highlight of the season came around July 8 when the two best tennis players were battling like crazy in Wimbledon. At the point where Nadal took the 4th set…. well that was quite the climax. What comes after a climax? 6-2 for Federer?!!? I think the viewers deserved a more tight end to a very prestigous battle.

2nd highlight was actually a few days earlier when Roddick had to serve his way towards another SF encounter with the Swiss clock, but first he had to serve down Gasquet. And as it was a surprisingly well fought battle from both players, Roddick had the little extra and was up 2 sets to zit and a BREAK ahead in the third (and what was supposed to be final set). Gasquet started to play around with his backhand, perhaps the ONE shot he should have made more during the first part of the match, and turned everything around in the tie breaker. Roddick had won like 18 of those in a row, but why not let Gasquet get one? Gasquet put out his absolute best and was able to turn things completely around as Roddick’s frustration grew and grew. As opposed to the final, this one did not top when Gasquet took the 4th set, rather at 8-6 in the decider! Wow.

Another great performace, which comes in third, is Djokovic and Nalbandian’s wins over the best three players in the world, in three days. Djokovic in Montreal and Nalbandian in Madrid. This is a three day long highlight, but this just doesn’t happen to often and is a major and incredible performance. First of all, when you are seeded 4th, like Djokovic in Montreal, having to beat the 3rd seed, 2nd seed and 1s seed in three days, doesn’t happen a lot. Nalbandian, well…. lets just say that for the first time since the Wimbledon final in 2001, I was a fan.

Expectations for 2008 are even higher!!! Why?

Federer: the train must be stopped some time, it may well be in 08. But who will do it, when, where and HOW?!?! 05, 06 and 07 have been sick, sick, sick from a human standpoint.

Nadal: can he be stopped at RG or will he get better. A big question mark is his knee problem(s) and how much it might affect him. A lot of people have said that with that style, he will have to retire by age 25. I don’t know who’s right anymore.

Djokoman: 2008 will be THE year for him to perform. If he makes it (winning a GS) he will continue to grow at the same pace as now. If not… well it’s easy to get discouraged in a Federer-era but potential? YES! If he’s really good he can do it late Janurary in Melbourne and strip Federer of one GS title.

Davydenko: will he get closer to the slam cups? I still think SF is his best, but if he steps up, maybe he can make RG final if Federer is beaten earlier. Here the question is.. 30+ matches or 35+ matches.

Ferrer: I don’t know, I don’t know. I want to believe in him, but I honestly don’t. He can ride on the good momentum from the end of 07 and start well in 08, but ehmehmehm…

Roddick: Like I’ve written before… if he can start to beat Federer he can start to win slams again. I think he will be supermotivated again in Australia, and ready to take on any challenge. The fact that the AO people are speeding the court of a bit doesn’t hurt his confidence either.


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