Shot selection is continuing to find the greatest shots in history. I will, due to limited knowledge in the “volley era”, stop with my choices. Most of the players with great volleys played before the Open Era and the first part. Yes, there are players with incredible volley skills today, but the shot is less used and therefore there are a lot more candidates in the history.

I still want to pick the shots I want for Christmas, meaning my personal favorites. These favorites do not represent the shots I think are the best of all time, but simply the ones I would prefer to include in my portfolio.

Serve: Roddick (due to it’s simplicity and very nice weight distribution in the movement)
Forehand: Federer (I needed 0.2sec to decide)
Backhand: Nalbandian (the movement, the ease, the fluid relaxed motion…*drool*)
Return: Agassi (perfection, short and lethal swing, turns most 2nd serves into sissy shots)
Volley: Federer (in today’s game, I don’t see who is better)
Overhead: Sampras!!!!!
Drop-Shot: Federer (many alternatives, but I don’t think there are other players with Federer’s feel) + the good old Nastase (because of his incredible touch with the old stupid rackets)
Slice (backhand): Federer, Federer, Federer…. in Wimbledon, it’s more effective than his backhand.

Feel free to share your shot wishlist for Christmas


4 Responses to “Shot selection”

  1. OIU Says:

    Serve: Sampras
    Forehand: Federer
    Backhand: Agassi
    Return: Nadal
    Volley: McEnroe
    Overhead: Roddick
    Drop shot: Safin
    Slice: Federer

  2. Eagle Says:

    serve: Sampras – the greatest
    forehand: I would like to hit it like blake
    bachand: gasquet
    return: Agassi
    Volley: Sampras
    Overhead: Samprsa
    drop: djokovic
    slice: one of the old guys

  3. Tim Says:

    You got to be kidding me!
    If it is a wishlist and not about the greatest shot, Nadal would still be in the lost archive on the return! Safin drop shot? I would rather have Roddick’s!
    Enough with the criticizm…. here’s my simple list
    Serve: Sampras
    Forehand: Federer
    Backhand: Federer (have you seen his topspin lob?!?!)
    Volley: FEderer
    overhead: Sampras (air Sampras!)
    drop shot: must be Federer again
    Slice: federer no doubt
    return: Federer’s return is more reliable than Agassi’s. FEDERRER ONCE AGAIN!

  4. Graham Says:

    I don’t see how Nastase should be placed among the best drop shots. Also, Roddick’s serve is far from the best in terms of motion. It’s too uptight and only works for him. One thing I agree on is Federer’s backhand slice. He never misses that shot.

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