Greatest shots are taking a look at the best shots in tennis. First was serve, and naturally followed by the return. They conclude that Jimbo is the ultimate pick for the best return.

I think it is harder to determine what a good return is compared to those that are not. With the serve, either you have it or don’t have it. In today’s game any player on the Pro tour has a good return. Getting 130mph+ back in play is NOT easy. Connors definitely had a return that was effective against any type of serve. Hitting it early is the only way you can make an attacking move on the return and that was what he did every single time. Maybe he didn’t have much of a choice, playing every shot with almost no spin. But bageling was definitely his thing and is one of the very best returners measured in efficiency.

Then I think Agassi would go on the same list. Agassi had some amazing ways of attacking the server when he was on fire. I’m surprised he had so much trouble against Roddick. It seems like Agassi’s only problem was that to make his great return, he needed the serve to be hit close to him. I think Agassi lacks what Federer has; which is ability to return an impending ace. But what Agassi would lose on serve, he would get it back on return, and it became his signature shot.

I think Federer has one of the best returns and should be on the list, but Hewitt? He had a great return. I don’t know where it went. Too much inconsistency for my taste.

Here’s a clip of mr. Connors winning Wimby in 82, defeating McEnroe. For his returning skills look at the earlier parts. (this is part 6) They should show up when clip is done.



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