More useless facts

Nalbandian has been referred to as the overweight chubby player on the tour. Is he really? Lets take a look at BMI index, as I cannot go and measure their body fat %

Well…. the fattest player on the tour (using BMI) is NOT Nalby! In fact, there are many more in front of him. There are three players I found out are overweight according to the BMI scale.

1. Pavel    25.96
2. Tsonga  25.74
3. Roddick  25.17

The rest of them are under 25 and therefore “normal”.

On the other end, we have the skinny anorectics. Of the more known players, we have the following bottom three:

1. Donald Young   21.74!
2. Murray             21.88
3. Gasquet            21.91 

I don’t know when ATP has updated the players’ stats on weight but Gasquet must weight more than 165 pounds.

And if you wondered…. Nalby hits a good 24.38, Federer is at 23.37, Nadal at 24.84, Baggy 24.76.

If you know any obese aka overweight players or ones who don’t like food… speak out


2 Responses to “More useless facts”

  1. Gabriel Says:

    LOL! Roddick is a fatty!

  2. Tim Says:

    U can sort of see that Murray and Young are skinny, but Gasquet? He must be closer to 180…

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