Still looking ahead

Who will be the big name in 2008; excluding Federer, Nadal, Dj…..zzzzzz

Can Ferrer continue his TMC play in 2008? Will he make a GS final? I think Ferrer is much like Nalbandian. He’s had some ups and plenty of downs. This year must be his best, and he must feel inspired to kick some ass in 08. If only he could ride on the good “feel” for more than a few months, he could do it. I don’t think he will make too much more improvement and by the end of 2008 I see him dropping out of top 10. Sorry!

And for Nalby? If you follow his careeer so far, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he gets killed in 2nd round of AO and ends his top 10 adventure in January. People are predicting him in slam finals and winning more AMS. No no no.. he must stay consistent for more than one month to make it.

One I used to believe in was Murray. He started out 2007 great, but injury here sick there and the conclusion was a step backwards. Kicking out Gilbert doesn’t provide him with MORE help, so first half of 08… well it doesn’t look good here either

What the heck happened to Baghdatis? Is he content being a great average player, or does he really want to win something? This year has been an even bigger step back than the last part of 06. Not only does he have ONLY 1 title, but GS performance was below his level. Nothing tells me that Baghdatis will be entering top 10 next year.

And then for the big potentials. Ivo Karlovic. How great is this guy, literally? Standing taller than Emprie state, he had an excellent year, going from 108 in April to #22. The problem is, he is only generating good points (results) in smaller tournaments. His best AMS is Madrid (R16) and has only gotten 50 points in the 4 slams! If he can keep up the good work, all AMS and GS will give more points to Karlovic next year. Top 10? Absolutely!

Monfils, Monfils, Monfils…. doesn’t it mean “my girl?” I was positive that this would be the next French dude up fighting for slams, not Gasquet. Why he hasn’t been able is hard to see, cause watching him playing his best is really looking at future of tennis. Great talent, but he’s getting oldeR and needs a breakthrough. Top 10 in 08? He should really get there soon.

Tsonga; almost upset Roddick in AO. I think that was at least a small break through for him. He has gone from 212 to 43, and still has a lot of damage to do on ATP level. Actually, the reason he is not higher is that he is playing a lot of Challengers and trying to win those instead. Perhaps he wants to start the kicking and climbing in 08? He can be the big surprise and pop #15 or #10

Del Potro; already been given a great future by experts. He is still young, so if he doesn’t make a big hit in 08 it will come once Federer and the older guys start growing gray hair. Big potential but no hurry.

Gulbis is in the same category, born in 88 and still needs to capture that vital pro experience before he can use his talent to it’s full potential. Made a nice run at the USO and has jumped from 140 to 61. I’m sure this guy will win a slam in the future. Next year? Top 30-40?

Sam Querrey has turned the big 20 and is a fairly good player. In my mind though, Isner will kick his ass if he can continue his play from Legg Mason. Querrey seems to be more paralized when playing the big names. But still a climber…

Then further down there are certainly a lot of players who can make an enterance to the pro-world. Some of them include Dudi Sela, Cilic, Dancevic!, Darcis, Guccione, Donald Young!….. Who did I forget?



One Response to “Still looking ahead”

  1. patriot Says:

    Good thing you mentioned D.Young! He seems to have what it takes.
    I agree about Querrey. Saw him live once and was not impressed with his overall game.
    I believe Nalbandian has a good chance to upset Federer at Aussie Open. I hope they end up on the same half of the draw!

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