ATP 2009 still a question mark

What the hell happened to the announcement about the calendar and general set-up of the 2009 season? Was it not supposed to be announced at TMC?

I also wonder what they’ve decided in terms of ranking points. Are the slams getting 2000? Cannot believe it can go otherwise. Players would not approve to have Cincy and Wimbledon with same amount of points. But if we say GS win gives 2000 points, and taking the future 1000s and 500s into consideration; would today’s ranking change?

With the 2009 points, the ranking would be close to this
1. Federer                 13735
2. Nadal                     11015
3. Djokovic                  8105
4. Davydenko             5395
5. Ferrer                     5015
6. Roddick                   4930
7. Gonzalez                  4140
8. Gasquet                  3665
9. Nalbandian             3535
10. Robredo                3430

These estimates are of course useless in many ways. First, these players would be the first to pick the new 500s series tournaments instead of the ones with 250. All of them would have slightly more points. Second, the points are just assumptions based on today’s scale, which might not be the case for 2009. Third for TMC I used the same points as they do in the 1000s. Don’t know if they intend to double this one or just leave it….

However, if this is close to the actual thing, the changes would not change any position.


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