Davis Cup prep

Davis Cup final is right around the corner and there are a few facts that don’t make a lot of sense. You would think the country with the best players (on an objective average) would be the best. Russia and the US have had the best players (on average), perhaps with Spain, the last 20+ years. Russia has 4 finals and 2 vicotries since 86. USA has 6 finals 3 victories, but only 3 finals and 1 victory since 95. My point is that Davis Cup seems a lot more unpredictable than ATP singles and doubles. In 2005 the final was Croatia d. Slovakia. It’s been a while since two so non-dominant singles and doubles players have gone so far in DC.
No compaining… That’s actually the beauty of it. But this year we have #1 and defending champion Russia against #2 and quite the favorite US of A.

Past DC champs:
2006: Russia d. Argentina
2005: Croatia d. Slovakia
2004: Spain d. USA
2003: Australia d. Spain
2002: Russia d. France
2001: France d. Australia
2000: Spain d. Australia
1999: Australia d. France
1998: Sweden d. Italy
1997: Sweden d. USA
1996: France d. Sweden
1995: USA d. Russia (Time for a sweet-tasting revenge in 2007?)

One thing to note is that USA and Russia have been in a few finals these years, but none have been able to do it several times in a row. We see that Sweden hit the final 3 times a row 96-98
Australia did the same in 99-01.

But the fact that not one DC team since 1995 (before Sampras’ reached his top) has won the damn cup is a big, big, big dissapointment. If the Americans don’t make it this year either, IN PORTLAND, I think they will be so down they all retire. Especially Roddick. Poor bastard must get a victory-feel after being bullied around the court by Feddy and Ferry.
Prediction: USA d. Russia 4-1


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2 Responses to “Davis Cup prep”

  1. cms Says:

    I’d LOVE to see the US win — it’s a team of great guys, starting at the top with the captain.

  2. dinosaur fact Says:

    Got a little bit confused while reading :S

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