Federer and Nadal in 2007

Rafael Nadal
He played 20 tournaments this year and won 6. His results were shaky in the start, but primarily due to bad timing. AO he ran into Gonzo and a few weeks later into Youzhny in Dubai. Still Chennai and Sydney were dissapointing for him and his first 4 were only 400 ranking points. Then things turned around quickly. Nadal has never been best on HC, but in March he was, perhaps only in competition with Djokovic.
He won in Indian Wells in straight sets and started out just as good in Miami. Djokovic was his only competitor and was able to beat him in the QF. But even with that going into the clay season, Nadal looked better than ever.
Then a 19-winning streak followed, which is kind of normal for Nadal in the spring only to be cut off by the great Roger in Hamburg. That did not prevent Rafa from stealing another RG title from Federer’s face. London was probably a good prep for Nadal going into Wimbledon. He was surely not aiming for that title, but a few matches on grass right after RG did most likely not hurt.

Nadal’s best performance this year is Wimbledon, in my opinion…. Those two weeks were a nightmare for the poor guy in which he for almost a week played ONE match, while in the same period Federer was at the hotel and playing card games with Mirka. This shows how good and fit Nadal is. The 241 minute match against Soderling (which in reality was several days longer) let him standing almost stripped off a QF when he was down 0-2 against Youzhny. Youzhny was a few games away from victory when his back started to hurt. That was a turning point, as Nadal demolished Berdych and Djokovic in short matches before getting a 6-2 set against Federer in the Wimbledon FINAL! Damn that was close! BUT unfortunately the best man won.

Why he needed to win Stuttgart I don’t know, but still a good victory for Nadal. Reason might be that he wanted to stay clear of US open Series and only play Canada, Cincy and USO. This was perhaps his worst part of the year, but losing to Djokovic and Ferrer in this period was reason enough for an excuse. This fall the final in Paris was clearly the high point and I was certain he would take it from Nalbandian. But he managed to beat Nadal twice in a couple of weeks and leave Nadal high and dry before Shanghai. It’s been a long year for him but even with Djokovic in the fight he is #2 and #1 by far on clay.

Ranking: 2 all year
Titles: 6
W-L: 70-15 (82.35%)
Grade: A

Roger Federer
I am tired of people implying that Federer is soon-to-become history. 2005 and 2006 were inhuman in any way possible, 2007 was almost the same. Biggest difference was actually the amount he spent on court. This year he only played 16 times and won 8! He won 50% of the tournaments he entered! Not as good as last year, but still best by almost 1500 points.
Is that not enought?! He owned everybody at AO, to losing one damn set! Winning Dubai was no problem either. Then Canas x2 hit him hard, but he can also have bad days at the office and Canas knew how to annoy him. Then the loss to Volandri is the only loss I did not understand, but perhaps Federer spent more time practicing and testing Nadal-tactics than concentrating on clay wins. He wanted that big RG title not Rome!
The only problem, if it is a problem really, was that he got Nadal a couple of weeks too early. He took Hamburg and ruined Nadal’s endless clay court streak, but did not repeat in Paris. From Wimbledon and on he only lost to Djokovic in Canada and Nalbandian x 2 in a Canas kinda style. Is that BAD!?!? Last year was approaching perfection, this year he made some human errors which finally makes me believe he is from our planet. The stats speak for themselves:
Ranking: 1 (and has been since early 2004!!)
Titles: 8
W-L: 68-9 (88.3%) by far the best
Grade: A


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