Shhh.. A genius at work


Federer d. Ferrer   6-2, 6-3, 6-2
The world has run out of superlatives in their description of Federer and his game. Magnificent from the 1st touch of the ball to the phenomenal match point passing shot. Genius is the word that has been placed on the posters around the stadium in Shanghai and a word that has been used quite a few times by the ATP commentators throughout this season. Perfection is a word used rarely and I don’t want to even be close to claiming that Federer is a perfect tennis player. HOWEVER, if approaching perfection is allowed then Federer’s name would stick to it all the time. His shots were outstanding today, as yesterday and on friday. People have been questioning if Federer is heading down after the “close-to-perfection” year 2006. Even if he has more losses and fewer titles this year, his game has not suffered any downs. I think he competition has strengthened and have started to figure him out. That is only when he plays like he did in his first two matches in Shanhai. The last three he was the best and not one player would beat him at that level of play.

He’s now closing up on a record year-end championships titles as well. This year he tied Nastase for a 4th title and looking to take on Sampras’ 5 in 08.
And for Ferrer… I hope that this marked the breakthrough he needed to stay within top 5 and be a full-time favorite to win Grand Slams and Masters. Runner-up was acutally optimal for him all things considered in this Federer-era.

The only event remaining before we enter 2008 is the Cold War final between the Russians and the Americans in Portland, Oregon. May the best team win, and may it be USA…


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