Feddy v Ferry

Federer v. Ferrer   (…and then there is Ferrero, Federov, Ferrari…)

This will have to be an entertaining match. How much confidence can you get from beating one of the best serves 6-1, 6-3? Wow! Now Federer has had a couple of incredible matches and Ferrer has had 4 incredible matches, who will be able to take 3 sets tomorrow?

I think it is open, but if Federer is able to keep the same level as with Nadal and Roddick he will take one more title this year. As if he hadn’t gotten enough. In my mind Federer is too good in finals and Nalbandian seems to be the only player nowadays who has a shot at him.
Federer takes it in 3 or 4


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2 Responses to “Feddy v Ferry”

  1. cms Says:

    I just watched the last two sets of the Wimbledon final again. Makes you feel like he’ll simply will himself to win any important tournament.

    This is not a GS, but it’s close. I just don’t see Fed losing it, esp on this surface. I could be wrong, but I think he’ll step up today like he has the last couple of matches.

  2. backhand Says:

    turns out you were right
    Once again, played like a champ, acted like a champ, and is ready to take down poor old Sampras. I hope it doesn’t get ugly!

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