Oh come on!

What did Roddick do to deserve that kind of treatment?! Federer wiped the all black lacoste off the floor with 6-4, 6-2. I think Fed stepped up and played on the Aussie Open level when Roddick saw the big 0 on the scoreboard. Up to 2-2 or something in the first, it looked like a low quality match with the two semi finalists from the red group. But when Federer broke Roddick, it all changed. Federer started hitting his sick shots time after time after time….
Served like all 1st serves that were important and returned like he usually does against Roddick, with the greatest ease. I think he felt a little less pressured after Davydenko pulled a slow straight set win over Gonzo 30 minutes earlier. I just don’t seem to understand why he played only OK against Gonzo and rather poorly against Davydenko and like a frickin’ ET against Roddick. Oh well… the story goes on and the Fed-Rod stat is 15-1

Semis are:


     vs.         nadal1.jpg

 roddick3.jpg        vs.        ferrer1.jpg


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One Response to “Oh come on!”

  1. www Says:

    Federer will crush Nadal
    Ferrer will outrun Roddick

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