This will be the decider for Gonzo. He is up first @ 7.30. If he wins, he has a good chance of qualifying based on his 2-1 record. But that’s an optimistic thought. For him to qulify, Roddick must beat Federer. If Federer and Gonzo get the same set count, Gonzo will qualify due to his victory against Rog. I think that Gonzalez has erased every rest of the Roddick match from his mind and enters the court with the same goal as he had against Federer. To win the match. That might even inspire Roddick to try to eliminate Federer from the entire thing. Roddick will not want to meet up again with him in a final. However! Davydenko has DC final in a few weeks and leaving Shanghai with 0-3 will not be satisfactory for him. H2H record favors Davydenko 3-0, but in reality all of their meetings have been between 02 and 05. Gonzalez was not really a top player before perhaps in the summer season last year. I think Gonzalez will win, and hopefully he has not been drinking in prep for the match.
Prediction: Gonzalez in 2

I like these two when they play. Both of them seem to deliver every time they meet. Especially Federer. This time around the situation is very different. Roddick has not ONE thing to lose in this match, which has only happened once before and it was not an ATP event. Kooyong classic final i January was the same sort of match. The title itself did not mean more than “beating Federer” for a change. No pressure favors Roddick big time in my opinion, reason being that he is a lot more sensitive to pressure and “hotter” than the iceman Rog.
If Rog wins it in 2, then Roddick has not played his best or he is actually trying to prevent a Nadal match-up in the semi. Don’t know if Ferrer will be easier! I am a Roddick-fan in when he plays Federer so I say he will take it 6-0, 6-0
Prediction: Roddick in 2


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One Response to “Friday”

  1. cms Says:

    Boy, did Roddick get spanked. Roddick seemed to be taking it with a bit of humor at times, but it’s still got to be a blow. He cannot beat the guy no matter what.

    As a Fed fan, I’m glad he looked great out there today. Hope he can play as well for the rest of the matches.

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