That’s just too funny

The people finding the blog through google have some very interesting searches. In Madrid I think there were like 10 hits a day about the ball girls, with 10 different formulations of ball girls. After the Roddick-Gonzalez match there were two actually typing “gonzalez drunk tennis”!
That’s so funny because I think people are actually wondering about that.

Was Gonzalez drunk last night?! The first fall was a routine oops-you-got-me-on-the wrong-foot kinda fall. But the second one was some of the most awkward movements I’ve seen in a while on a tennis court. He seemed to have lost his balance (which is allowed) but standing in an ok sitting position. But this “sitting” position proved to be so hard that he just fell on his arse, in a way that looked as if he was a 1 year old trying to stand up and then let gravity do its work back down. His explanation was that his legs felt heavy. No wonder after all the running around his forehand against Federer. It just seemed like he’d emptied a bar before the match. NOT the way to go Gonzo.

Something tells me I’ve been giving out some wrong info about the RR system. It seems as if the order in the groups are based on matches and then W-L sets. It seems that games are NOT playing a part to decide. If two players are tied, the h2h decides.
So the reason why Roddick is qualified is just becuase of that. If he loses in 2 and Gonzo wins in 2, they will be tied. Since Roddick beat Gonzo he will qualify. I think it is a lot better this way, I just did not know that it was set up this way, especially when they show the game W-L at the end of matches on ATP masters series tv.

Anywhoo…. today’s matches are the most exciting in many many many weeks/months.

Nadal – Djokovic
Last time (Montreal) Djokovic gave Nadal some tennis lessons in a straight set win. At Wimbledon it was the other way around. And at FO. And at Rome. But Djoko’s two victories have been on hard courts. Just don’t know if he’s at that level anymore. He seemed lost during the Gasquet match and is playing for pride and joy today. Nadal is a pressure handler, so I don’t see Nadal being knocked out of the Cup. Might be close if Djokovic has rested and is ready for action, but I don’t see him destroying Nadal.
Prediction: Nadal in 2

I am almost certain that it will be close. Could easily go to 3 where Gasquet takes the first one convincingly. But I think Ferrer has played like a master and took down the two “favorites” in the group before “the easy” last match against Gasquet. It would actually be a big letdown if Ferrer lost this one, especiaclly because he could actually miss out if Nadal wins big time.
Prediction: Ferrer in 3

This would give Ferrer 1st spot and Nadal 2nd.


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2 Responses to “That’s just too funny”

  1. cms Says:

    Does the “spot” position make a difference, other than determining who each will play (i.e., the #1 and #2 from each group play against each other in the semi)?

  2. backhand Says:

    Yes. #1 in red plays #2 in Gold, #2 in red plays #1 in Gold.
    We will most likely see Federer-Nadal and Roddick-Ferrer. If Roddick wins tomorrow it’s the other way around.

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