Tuesday in Shanghai

From what I’ve learned the second match in the groups is winner playing winner (from the 1st match) and loser playing loser. Thought they actually plan the schedule at the draw.

Novak Djokovic – Richard Gasquet
This will be crucial for the “losers”. Gasquet is still underdog and a loss here and I’m almost certain he will be heading out. Gasquet has never won against the Djoker and goes in with no pressure. If he can play the way he did against Nadal in the 1st set he should clearly win it. Djokovic is not quite where he was at the Open and so it’s up for grabs. My predicting skills cannot get worse so I feel quite confident that this time I got to get it right.
Prediction: Djokovic in 3

Rafael Nadal – David Ferrer
Look for Spanish flags. This will be a battle for SF for both. The matador who wins, will make sure he will meet one of the guys in the red group in the semi. 2-4 h2h in favor Nadal tells me he is favorite. Their last meeting in New York was a great match and if Ferrer plays that level he will win for sure. That was one of those matches where the underdog won fair and square because he was BETTER. Will Nadal allow it once more? Really cannot tell. I will try to predict the outcome with a coin toss. And the winner is……..
Prediction: Nadal


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